Why You Should Choose Resin Over Vinyl for Your Flooring

Vinyl and resin flooring are two of the most popular flooring materials these days. If you are about to invest in new or replacement flooring for your business, you might be contemplating which one to choose between those two.

In this blog, let us check out some of the important factors why resin flooring is better than vinyl flooring when it comes to commercial establishments.


For vinyl to adhere to the ground, it requires adhesives and heat-welded seams which will eventually degrade. If that happens, various flooring issues will arise such as the bond causing bubbling and seam separation. When heat-welded seams crack and separate, fluids and other substances can penetrate underneath and break down the adhesive.

On the other hand, resin flooring is impenetrable by water and moisture so the material is very unlikely to split and cause vinyl to de-bond from the substrate, making it longer lasting.


Vinyl installations and removal of old and damaged tiles could result in cut-outs and wastes which are all headed to the local landfill, and this could happen after every few years because vinyl has a shorter life span when compared to resin.


If you are looking for a flooring material that stands out when it comes to aesthetics, resin flooring is at the top of the list. With unlimited patterns and colours to choose from, you can have flooring that suits your property and preferences. You can even request a bespoke colour and design to match your business branding.


Resin flooring is well known for its hygienic properties. Its seamless finish stays intact even after a heavy impact and even when cleaned multiple times a day. Since the material does not crack, there is no place for pathogens to grow, keeping the floor hygienic all the time.


Installation of resin flooring is easier and more time-efficient than other flooring materials. The flooring is already usable after a few hours or the next day. It does not involve a lot of processes. What it needs are just professional resin flooring contractors who know what they are doing.

Optimum Flooring Solutions

If the reasons above have already convinced you in getting resin flooring for your business, contact Optimum Flooring Solutions for a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

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