White Rock / Installation Pods

Whiterock panels are a hygienic solution to tiles and other wall finishes that offer various advantages such as being easy to clean, grout-free and have a good degree of impact resistance. Made from PVCu polymer and completely food safe, whiterock can handle temperatures of up to 60 degrees, making it a popular choice within the food and beverage industry.
Thermo-formed corners provide a subtle and hygienic external and internal detail, and all panels are fully bonded with a two-part adhesive to prevent any distortion.

What makes Whiterock panels hygienic?

Whiterock panels can be heat-formed and bent around corners and extrusions, eliminating the threat of bacteria hiding in cracks, gaps, and other wall products.

How do you install Whiterock panels?

We use the heat-welding method, which provides a seamless and smooth finish that lasts for a very long time.

Are Whiterock panels fire resistant?

Our Whiterock panel has a Class 0 fire rating, making it a top choice for properties looking for fire safety and protection.

In which types of properties and areas are Whiterock panels installed?

Among the establishments that benefit from Whiterock panels are food manufacturing, commercial kitchen, pharmaceuticals, hospital operating rooms, etc.