What Makes Resin the Ideal Warehouse Flooring Solution 

Warehouses are exposed to heavy traffic daily and require extremely hard-wearing flooring to stand for a long time. Most of these warehouses carry out production 24/7 with trucks and forklifts moved around non-stop which makes it challenging to find suitable flooring for these types of premises decades ago.  Over recent years, resin flooring has been making a great noise among industrial property owners and contractors for its suitability in large industrial buildings. Resin flooring provides a strong and highly durable flooring surface that can withstand different types of adverse conditions – qualities that meet the need of warehouses. 
  1. Quick installation 
Resin flooring is in liquid form and covers the existing substrate to provide a smooth and seamless finish. The installation process does not take a very long time as long as the surface is well-prepared. Preparation is a very important process and should be done most effectively.  To prepare the surface, specialist technicians use a vacuum-assisted diamond-headed grinding machine to remove weak, loose, or friable laitance from the surface and provide a mechanical ‘key’ for resin coating to adhere. When installed, the resin material cures very quickly that it can be installed on a weekend and be usable already on Monday. 
  1. Colour & Design 
Resin flooring comes in an unlimited selection of colours and designs. To organise the spaces inside the warehouse, you can use different colours for each area and mark out crossings, walkways, and areas that are hazardous. Whatever colour you choose, you can always expect the same seamless finish for your entire flooring. 
  1. Hgyiene & Safety 
Since the resin flooring surface is seamless, cleaning is not a big deal. It is also resistant to abrasions and impact so it is less likely to develop cracks and damages where dust, dirt and germs could accumulate. This is also the reason why resin is popular in the food and pharmaceutical industry.  When it comes to safety, the resin is also on top of the list. It has an anti-slip finish which provides superb slip resistance even when the flooring surface is wet.  
  1. Durability 
Since resin flooring is resistant to abrasions, impact, cracks and damages, you can expect it to last for a long time. On average, resin flooring can last around 10-20 years before a replacement is needed. Should there be small damages that require minor repairs, these repairs can be done very quickly and without compromising the flooring’s seamless properties.  Optimum Flooring Services  To learn more about resin flooring and the benefits you can get by installing it on your property, feel free to contact our team at 020 3778 1387 or email info@optimumflooringservicesltd.co.uk. We will be more than glad to provide the information and assistance you need. 

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