Use Industrial Resin Flooring for a Hazard-Free Environment

Slips and trips are two leading causes of accidents in a workplace. To prevent this from happening, it is crucial to have safety protocols that everyone must follow. Since most of these accidents are due to problematic flooring, you can significantly reduce workplace injuries by having slip-resistant flooring installed at your premises.

Floor Sleep Resistance

The HSE (Health & Safety Executives) tests and measures the flooring materials’ slip-resistance, from R-0 to R-13, with R-13 being the most slippery. The R-level requirements depend on various variables, such as the flooring’s water and chemical exposure.

Suppose your flooring has a high level of exposure to contaminants. In that case, you will need a higher R-rating to prevent accidents from happening.

How to make your floor slip-resistant

Modifying your property’s existing flooring might be necessary to achieve a high level of slip resistance. The goal is to make floors slightly coarser for shoes to grip even when there are contaminants. This can be achieved by installing special coatings, floor coatings, and other slip-resistant floorings.

Resin Floor Screeds

Resin screeds is a popular flooring choice for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other similar areas with low liquid or chemical contamination risk. It is a mixture of resin and graded aggregates that make floors slip-resistant, lasting for seven to twelve years.

Multi-Layer Resin Floor

Another excellent idea for slip-resistant flooring is getting a multi-layer resin installed. This type of flooring is mostly found in buildings or areas where food hygiene rating is a requirement, such as kitchens, food processing plants, and more. The flooring’s easy to clean quality is perfect for any industrial property.

Heavy-Duty Screed Flooring

The heavy-duty screed is one of the toughest flooring materials you can install in industrial property. It uses the toughest aggregates for flooring systems that can last for over 12 years. This type of flooring is commonly used in distribution centres, pharmaceuticals, food and drink manufacturing plants, and other similar areas.

Resin Paints and Coatings

This slip-resistant material can be installed directly as flooring or as a coat on top of the old flooring. It creates a textured, slip-resistant surface and can be installed in a wide range of industrial areas, including warehouses, kitchens, and manufacturing plants.

Optimum Flooring Services

Contact Optimum Flooring Services if you are looking for resin flooring specialists to handle your project. We are a team of highly skilled flooring contractors who are knowledgeable in the installation, repair, and maintenance of resin flooring for all sizes of industrial and commercial properties.

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