Retail Outlet Manchester

This Arturo self-smoothing floor not only looks spectacular, but also provides good acoustic qualities.

P.1 – Method/Preparation
The original floor was far from ideal, in addition to repairs, some of the areas of the floor were made up from wooden floor boards as shown below. These needed to be overlaid using 15mm marine ply fixed every 150 centres, this would bring the floor level and accept the application of the system.

P.2 – Application/Installation
In addition to the repairs, the existing surface was prepared by use of a three-phase Innovatech mechanical grinding machine, fitted with a vacuum unit with self-sealed extraction bags to minimize dust.

P.2 – Application/Installation
Once the floor was prepared and repairs made where needed using resin bulk, we applied a solvent-free, two-component, epoxy-based Arturo primer. This was followed by Arturo PU3320, a coloured, two-component, water-borne, polyurethane based satin floor finish. To meet the clients needs we then applied Arturo PU 7900 to the top floor to give a gloss finish.

P.3 – Result

This project had lots of obstacles, with all different contractors on site at the same time wanting access to all areas, our team had to communicate with various groups to ensure the floor wasn’t contaminated and cured correctly, leading to a timely completion. Special thanks to Arturo for speedy delivery and high quality products.