Resin Flooring Installer York

Most homeowners today choose to apply resin flooring to their buildings due to its hardness and durability. This flooring material has been shown to resist impact and thermal shock and is resistant to different types of chemicals such as gasoline, acid and more. If you are looking for experienced resin flooring installation contractors to work on your construction project, contact us at Optimum Flooring Services Ltd. We are among the most trusted resin flooring installation companies in Liverpool who guarantee to provide reliable and hassle-free services.

Reliable resin flooring contractors in York

Optimum Flooring Services Ltd or OFS is a Staffordshire based flooring company known for providing the highest quality flooring solutions across the UK. We pride ourselves on our wide range of resin flooring supplies and services suitable for different sizes of industrial, domestic and commercial properties. We are complete with the knowledge, skills and experience and we guarantee to provide you with high quality flooring solutions that can perform excellently and can maintain a brand new look for a long period of time.

What makes resin floors extremely popular today are the many benefits it brings to the property. The material is extremely durable, resistant to chemicals and very easy to clean. Every resin flooring installation we perform is well planned and executed and meets the highest health and safety standards in the country. Each flooring solution we create is customized to the specific needs of each client and we complete each project within the agreed time. We also install other types of flooring materials such as polyurethane and more. In addition to laying resin flooring, we also install drainage systems, manholes and wall protections that are very useful and fascinating to see. We also do floor repair and finishing and more. All the products we supply are of high quality and the methods we use are up to date with the latest industry developments. We specialize in the installation of flooring systems in large commercial and industrial buildings, but we also operate for residential projects.

To learn more about our resin flooring and other flooring solutions, you may contact us on telephone number 01782 865099. One of our specialists will be more than glad to provide you with more information. You may also send a message to if you wish to contact us through email.