Resin Bound Paving

Resin bound paving offers many solutions for outdoor spaces ranging from driveways, pathways & walkways to roof terraces.
Made up from small stones which can be customised to suit individual colour and pattern tastes, and mixed with specialist UV-stable resin to provide a tough-wearing and attractive surface, resin bound paving is permeable, allowing water to drain away preventing any flooding.

What makes Resin bound paving different?

What makes Resin bound paving different?

There are many unique selling points to resin bound paving. It’s a great alternative to traditional paving choices, and here’s why:
permeable – which means it drains water away
It won’t puddle or flood
durable and long lasting

How long will my resin bound driveway last?

The life expectancy of a resin bound driveway is on average over 15 years.

Do I need planning permission?

If you have an existing concrete or tarmac drive then planning permission will not be required. For any driveway extensions or newly installed driveways planning permission is required.