Pump Screed

Pumped screeds are a high performance, cementitious, self-smoothing compounds which are used for creating a strong, long lasting, reliable under layer which can be topped with a wide variety of floor finishes.
Applied in a liquid form and ranging from 3mm – 50mm in thickness, pump screeds are usually fast curing and can be foot trafficked within 4 hours of installation. On most occasions pump screeds are used to level out an existing surface prior to a resin system being applied afterwards, or as a subfloor improver.

Alongside renovating old floorings, Pump Screeds can also be used within new build projects, creating robust flooring systems with a highly reduced curing time. Pump Screeds are extremely beneficial for either last-minute projects or projects that need to be completed within a quick deadline without jeopardising the quality.

What is the purpose of screed?

Screed is used to level out and smoothen a substrate or concrete surface. It is also used as a thermally efficient solution to cover insulation and underfloor heating pipes.

Can I use screed as a final floor finish?

Yes. While most people use different types of flooring, such as tiles, resin, and carpet, to cover the screed, you can also use it as the final floor finish.

What is the difference between screed and concrete?

While both are a mixture of cement, water, and aggregate, screed is made of finer aggregate, so it is more free-flowing and smoother.

How do I determine the amount of screed needed for my project?

It depends on the application and size of your project. Our specialists will perform a survey to provide you a reliable estimate on the amount of screed needed.