Our Concrete Floor Preparation We make the decision as to what type of preparation is best, and to what degree all depending on the following factors:

– Condition of the concrete – Type of concrete (for example power floated) – What system will be applied onto the concrete

*Important* The concrete should be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt and oil. Also, when using any of the equipment recommended below, we ensure that we follow all manufacturer’s instructions in addition to any recommended safety procedures.


This popular method removes all weak concrete, laitance, dirt and contamination with a light blast. All of our preparation equipment has vacuum attachments, ensuring that at least 95% of the dust is contained. Shotblasting can leave a tram line effect which depending on the system applied, can sometimes show through the finished coat.

Scarifying / Scabbling

When inspection and testing procedures indicate concrete floors must be chipped down to sound scarfiers and scabblers may be used to remove the top layer of existing resin/screed to expose a fresh, clean surface. This technique is practical only for floors. It’s of high importance that dust protection is required when used in the presence of machinery, food or close traffic. We have a full team of qualified operatives ready to complete this work as necessary.

Hand Held / High-Speed Diamond Grinders

Our Diamond Grinding Machines are much more than an industrial “sander”, however the concept is the same. They are used for many and varied applications, from the ‘keying’ of existing surfaces, removal of existing paint and weak laitance, to the smoothing out of uneven surfaces.

On some instances, we could actually roughen the surface to achieve higher levels of slip resistance. Diamond grinding can smooth out floors to a laser level finish, removing minor pits and divots, high spots and roughness on concrete floors. Should two slabs of concrete be poorly laid to a different height, the grinder is used to smooth out the transition from one slab to the other. A huge benefit of the system is that all machines, ranging from simple hand held grinders to the biggest ride-on machines can all be connected to industrial dust recovery units (vacuums). This, in turn, means that we can achieve a 95% dust free operation.

With grinders that have pressure-controlled rubber mounted non-planetary grinding heads and specially designed diamonds, you are able to grind and/or polish without scouring the concrete, even on cracks and expansion joints. The specialist disc, embedded with a coarse diamond grit can easily prepare, clean and abrade existing coatings for re-coat. This process will remove thin layer coatings and weak toppings and provide a textured finish suitable for two coatings to bond together. Should an existing coating be already down that is fundamentally adhering very well to the surface but one that simply needs rejuvenating, the keying off this existing surface in order to accept a further coat can also be easily achieved.

In comparison to shot blasting, diamond grinding is relatively is slow and intensive. However, the finish left can be far smoother. In some cases, we are asked to actually polish the surface to a super smooth finish very similar to a polished concrete effect.

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