Practical Reasons to Use Epoxy Flooring

If you are looking for a highly durable and cost-effective flooring solution for your business, epoxy flooring would be a perfect choice. Epoxy flooring is among the most widely used flooring in commercial and industrial spaces these days. Like other business owners, you can also benefit from using epoxy flooring for your commercial space.

Below are some of the reasons why epoxy flooring is the most ideal and practical type of flooring for commercial properties.

It is affordable and does not require expensive regular maintenance

Aside from the fact the epoxy flooring is cheaper than other types of flooring, it is also the easiest to clean. Its smooth surface makes dust and dirt so easy to remove. Since the material is highly durable, you can use detergent and hot water, and a few brushes to scrub stubborn dirt and stains away. No need to spend money on specialist cleaning agents and treatments.

It is long-lasting

Depending on the amount of traffic and wear and tear, Epoxy flooring normally lasts for more than 10 years. This makes it more cost-effective when compared to other cheaper flooring materials which lifespan is only half of the epoxy flooring.

It is resistant to damage

Since the epoxy flooring is smooth without joints or cracks, the surface is protected against dirt and stains that can eventually damage the flooring. Epoxy flooring also has a waterproofing ability so water can’t permeate through the surface and cause damage. It is also resistant to heat, chemicals, impacts, and heavy weight, making it a perfect choice for areas where there is heavy traffic, such as car parks, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more.

It is cost-effective to repair

Another reason to choose epoxy flooring is that you don’t have to remove and reinstall the entire floor to fix a cracked or damaged spot. No matter how small or large the part that needs repair, you can have it fixed quickly and achieve the same seamless finish as if the flooring has just been installed.

You can go on your regular working routine even when it is being fixed

Aside from the costly repairs, one of the disadvantages of floor repair is that the businesses have to halt for a while until the repair is done. This is not only costly but can also make you lose profit. But since epoxy flooring is very quick to install, there is only minimal downtime on your business. You can also schedule the repair on a weekend or overnight, and go back to your business as usual in the next working day.

Optimum Flooring Services can provide you high-quality and time-efficient flooring solutions to your business. We are an epoxy flooring specialist that provides bespoke services for different types and sizes of commercial and industrial properties.

Speak to our specialists today and learn how we can help you.

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