Northern Monk Brewery – Resin Flooring

Component Developments supplied and fitted this Heavy Duty Drainage Channel, system type 3110RS.

P.1 – Method/Preparation

First we saw-cut the existing floor screed using a three-phase electric floor saw which is self-propelled with hydrostatic transmission. We broke out the floor screed to custom dimensions, ready for the Stainless Steel drainage channels and CIP Gully’s using a remote controlled Brokk machine.

P.2 – Application/Installation

Once the floor had been excavated and removed to skips, our team installed the custom made Stainless Steel drainage channels and CIP Gully’s. These were backfilled using resin bulk due to the quickness of cure time, this enabled us to apply the 9mm Polyurethane Screed within 24 hours and handover to the client.

P.2 – Application/Installation

Onto the next section, where a canning machine would be installed meaning the floor had to withstand constant fluids and chemicals. To combat this we first installed a peremiter of concrete kerbs 60mm x 20mm around the area. A CIP Gully was installed as shown below, with falls in the floor from 60mm down to 10mm formed with resin bulk, this would encourage the flow of any fluids toward the CIP Gully. Once the area was primed we applied a three-pack water dispersed, heavy-duty polyurethane screed at a thickness of 9mm which is chemical resistant and industry specified.

P.3 – Result

Our team finished this project on time, encountering no problems along the way. This has led to a great working relationship being formed, which is lead to similar projects in the future. Special thanks to Component Developments for a speedy delivery and high quality products.