Garage and MOT Flooring

Optimum Flooring Services Ltd is a leading UK contractor for resin flooring, with expertise in industrial flooring, including garage workshop flooring solutions for the automotive industry. We understand that different sectors within the automotive industry have varying flooring requirements, and we offer a range of floor paint solutions to meet these needs.

Our epoxy garage floor paint is a popular choice for vehicle workshop flooring as it is hardwearing, durable, and reliable. It can be quickly installed, often completed over a weekend, to minimise downtime. We recommend epoxy resin for all aspects of garage workshop flooring, including MOT bays, HGV bays, franchise garages, and body shops.

Epoxy resin is impervious to grease, oil, and fuel, and we can apply anti-slip safety flooring to high-traffic pedestrian areas and wash bays, ramps, and valeting bays if required. We can also create demarcation lines, chevrons, and cross-hatching in highly visible colours for bays, walkways, and reversing vehicle bays.

For franchise garages, we can create epoxy flooring in company brand colours, while body shops can choose epoxy resin in colours that match their corporate ideas. Spray booths in vehicle body shops require clean surfaces with minimal dust, and epoxy resin flooring is ideal for this purpose.

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