Liquid Roofing

Liquid Roofing offers a long lasting and flexible solution to a wide range of applications and is ideal for many types of roofing such as covering old concrete roofing and newly built structures. Liquid Roofing also offers an option to carry out emergency repairs to address any issues quickly.

With Optimum Flooring Services you always have the watertight, long lasting solution for your waterproofing requirements. Whether your roof requires a refurbishment, a roof overlay, a new build roofs, or a roof repair, our versatile solutions can be used in a wide-range of applications.

How long does it take for liquid roofing to dry?

The dry time depends on the thickness of the coating and the temperature and humidity in your area. But, more or less, 24 hours is enough to cure the liquid roofing fully, and it gets stronger over time.

Can I get liquid coating for an old roof?

Yes. Liquid roofing extends the lifespan of your old roof. It provides an extra layer of protection to your old roofing against the harmful UV rays, and it keeps it waterproof.

How long does liquid roofing last?

As long as applied correctly, liquid roofing can last for more than ten years. But certain factors can affect its lifespan, including the thickness of the coating, your home’s condition, and the climate.

Can I use liquid roofing on my garage or home extension?

Yes. Liquid roofing is an ideal solution for any flat roof that needs waterproof covering.