How To Prevent Workplace Slip Injuries 

Slips and trips are among the most common injuries that occur in workplaces in the UK. It is nearly a third of all injuries and 28% of fatalities in the workplace in the UK. 

Although slip and trip hazards can be found in most work environments, certain areas are at a higher risk. Industrial buildings like factories and warehouses where liquid spillages and slippery floors are common are well-known for these types of injuries.  

Health Risks of Slippery Floors 

Fractures and dislocated joints, and broken bones are just three of the most common results of slip injuries. Sprains, cuts, and hand injuries may also occur. These accidents will not only affect productivity but can also incur unexpected expenses. 

Intending to prevent slip injuries from happening in workplaces, the government imposes the Health and Safety at Work Act as well as the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations to help and regulate businesses into making their workplaces safe and have a lower risk of accidents.  

These acts prioritise the importance of slip injury prevention and risk assessment. And one of the best and easiest ways to achieve that is by investing in a safe flooring system. 

Anti-Slip Flooring Benefits 

There are several anti-slip flooring systems available in the market. But among them all, resin flooring takes the top spot as the most advantageous. 

Resin flooring systems are made of synthetic resins that are strategically mixed and developed to reduce slippage in specific environments. From light to heavy-duty environments, there are flooring resins to match their needs. 

In some areas where further reduction to slippage is necessary such as in wet floors, resin flooring can be with added aggregates to make it more slip-resistant. Other varieties include solvent or water-based resins. As for food-safe environments, there are also solvent-free resins. 

Optimum Flooring Services 

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We offer versatile and slip-free flooring solutions for different types and sizes of establishments with quality assured from start to finish. 

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