Floor Draining Staffordshire

As part of our flooring solutions package, many clients have a requirement for drainage. We can provide light duty drainage, to hygienic, strong, sustainable and functional interior and exterior drainage solutions. Our stainless-steel drainage channels are all hand crafted by our selected supplier to suit each project’s individual needs, using sheet stainless steel in grades 304 or 316.

All of our channel systems come equipped with fully welded endplate outlets for connection into a trapped gully or drain. Joints are avoided wherever possible to minimize the installation time required for our clients however where lack of sufficient access or transport requires it, we have the below three options available to us for jointing the channels:

Flanged Joint

This is a water tight mechanical joint including a nitrile gasket.

Welded Joint

Were its not possible to use a flanged joint due to the specification or the fabric of the building restricting the depth available we use a welded joint.  This channel comes supplied with an outer sleeve and connecting brackets to enable the channel to be levelled, installed and prepared for a welder to complete the welding of the two channel faces on site.

Sleeve Joint

Where a completely water tight joint is not required, we can supply a channel system with a sleeve joint that can be utilised with a form of sealant to form a channel joint.

Below is a list of some of the drainage options we provide:
  • Stainless Steel Drainage Channels
  • Stainless Steel Compact Channels
  • Stainless Steel Spot Gullies & Rodding Points
  • Stainless Steel Manhole Covers
  • Stainless Steel Gratings
  •  Stainless Steel Slot Drains

COMPONENT DEVELOPMENTS have been established for over 35 years and utilise modern manufacturing techniques, including the latest design software, laser cutting and CNC bending, together with bright annealed (mirror polished) stainless steel as their standard material for drainage channels. These hygienic and durable surface finishes reduce the growth of bacteria and are easy to clean to their original bright chrome-like finish. OFS ltd are proud to install and endorse CD products.

CD channel systems

CD channel systems

can be designed, manufactured and supplied to accept various loadings and flow rates, from a normal wash down applications in food processing factories, to heavy deluge from discharging equipment in commercial kitchens or process pipe work. Comprehensive literature and technical advice are available on design and installation of all products including stainless steel drainage channels, gullies, access covers and kerb surface protection. Contact us for free advice or a no obligation quote.

What makes stainless steel drainage systems the best option for the food industry?

Since stainless steel is a non-porous material, it does not create an environment where bacterias can settle. It is also resistant to corrosion and can maintain its functionality even in extreme temperatures and freezer environments.

How long will stainless steel last underground?

Stainless steel can be buried underground for a very long period. But moisture and aggressive chemicals such as ions and sulfate can cause localized corrosion. This is the reason why more consideration is needed when installing stainless steel underground.

How can we ensure that our stainless steel drainage is reliable and long-lasting?

The best way to do it is to select the appropriate type of stainless steel to use for your drainage. Our specialists can provide you with honest and reliable advice to help you make an informed decision.

What areas in the UK do you cover?

We have our offices based in Staffordshire, but we carry out projects all over the country.