Comfort Floor

Comfort Flooring is a great solution for a wide variety of environments such as healthcare, museums & retail. This seamless liquid vinyl flooring has many advantages such as being easy to clean, highly durable and offering a good level of slip resistance.

Unlike other flooring systems comfort flooring can be rejuvenated and recoated to give a fresh look or to match a change in surrounding décor. Its hygienic properties rule out the growth of any fungus or bacteria, couple this with its ability to be easily cleaned make it a great choice for highly trafficked areas.
Comfort flooring also provides a soft feel, another reason for making it a great choice for areas where people will be standing for long periods of time.

What is comfort floor?

Comfort floor, also known as liquid vinyl, is a modified FeRFA Type 5 flow applied system consist of primer, body coat, and optional surface sealer with a rubber underlay and associated adhesive and pore filler. This type of flooring provides warmth and comfort for users, along with other benefits such as flexibility and excellent floor hygiene.

How long can a comfort flooring last?

Comfort floor can last for 15 to 20 years as long as proper care and maintenance are carried out. With regular refurbishment, it can even last longer. Unlike linoleum and other flooring types that have to be removed at the end of their lifespan, comfort floor can simply be overlaid and utilised again.

Is using comfort floor more advantageous than other types of flooring materials?

Besides being extremely hygienic, comfort floor is also known for its durability, flexibility, and resiliency. Hence the reduced risk of cracking and damage.

What are the colour and finish variations available for comfort flooring?

There is plenty of aesthetic options available for comfort floor. You can choose virtually every colour on the RAL wheel. Innovations also made a variety of decorative options available.