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Comfort Floor

Comfort Flooring is a great solution for a wide variety of environments such as healthcare, museums & retail. This seamless liquid vinyl flooring has many advantages such as being easy to clean, highly durable and offering a good level of slip resistance.

Unlike other flooring systems comfort flooring can be rejuvenated and recoated to give a fresh look or to match a change in surrounding décor. Its hygienic properties rule out the growth of any fungus or bacteria, couple this with its ability to be easily cleaned make it a great choice for highly trafficked areas.
Comfort flooring also provides a soft feel, another reason for making it a great choice for areas where people will be standing for long periods of time.

How long do you have to wait before you can walk on the floor once installed?

Curing time does vary depending on the produc and the temperature at installation. Some epoxy flooring products can take as little as 24-48 hours for light traffic. Fast curing resin flooring products such as polyaspartic can cure in a few hours depending on the thickness and temperature installed at.

How long does resin flooring last?

Generally, high-quality flooring systems should remain intact for 3 to 12 years, although this will vary depending on the resin, ingredients and thicknesses used.

How durable is heavy duty resin flooring?

Resin flooring is one of the strongest flooring solutions available, with the ability to resist heavy pressure from heavy machinery, vehicles as well as regular foot traffic.

What locations in the UK do you cover?

Our offices are based in Staffordshire however we serve customers nationwide.