Cleaning our Floors

Resin floors are tough resilient systems, however, for the performance characteristics of the floor to be maintained, an appropriate cleaning regime should be adhered to. The cleaning regime will itself be determined by a number of factors:

– The type of resin flooring installed – The type and frequency of traffic – The type of potential spillages – Any hygiene requirements

Cleaning our flooring systems can be thought of as two separate components:

1 – The method of cleaning, for example a general floor scrubber, a high-pressure washer and steam cleaners.

2 – The cleaning solution, this will dissolve or emulsify any contamination present. Once cleaned the removal of the dirty water and rinsing of the floor are key to successful cleaning (its also important that clean water is used every time cleaning takes place).

Please see below our quick video of operatives on site cleaning a tyre mark from a high-build coating by using a diluted heavy-duty cleaning degreaser.

A cleaning regime should be put into place and should specify the type of equipment to be used, the type of cleaning chemicals to be used and the frequency of the cleaning. Floors which are kept clean will last longer, fine particles of dust, dirt, debris, act as abrasives with traffic unless the floor is cleaned regularly. For the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries it is particularly important to maintain hygienic surfaces, proper cleaning techniques are essential. In engineering works, metal swarf is particularly abrasive and if not removed from the floor, can cause damage in a short space of time.

For each flooring system installed, always consult our Optimum Flooring team for the best advice on cleaning products and regimes, sometimes a specialist regime needs to be in place, for example with an Anti-Static flooring system. If the correct cleaning and maintenance schedule is used, the appearance of your floor can be easily maintained.

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