Cementitious Screeds

Cementitious Screeds are pump-applied screed systems ranging from 6mm – 100mm. These cement-based screeds provide excellent strength, leading to a long lasting strong and sustainable floor which is ready to accept foot traffic within 24 hours of installation.
Due to their excellent sustainability, Cementitious Screeds are often installed in areas such as engineering factories, heavy duty warehouses and also manufacturing.

How long does cementitious screed take to cure?

Curing time depends on the thickness of the screed and the surface temperature. For thin screeds, 24 hours is usually enough, but thicker ones would cure a little longer.

Can cementitious screed be installed in all types of properties?

Yes. You can use screed in household properties, as well as in industrial and commercial buildings. However, installing it in heavy-duty premises requires a specialised mixture to withstand heavy weight and traffic.

Does cementitious screed require specialised care and maintenance?

As long as it is properly laid, the screed can last for a very long time without the need for specialised and ongoing maintenance.

How thick is the cementitious screed needed in my flooring?

The thickness required depends on how your property is used. For heavy-duty applications, such as in manufacturing facilities and warehouses, a thicker screed is needed.