Car Park Systems

Optimum Flooring Services Ltd carry out works to all levels of car park structures with the correct system to fit the right environment, from the lower deck to the weather exposed top deck. The high-tech resin systems can be applied to a range of surfaces from concrete and asphalt substrates to polymer modified cementitious screeds and give slip resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance and a UV stable finish.
We also provide a range of colours to offer a different aesthetic with regards to parking bays, pedestrian walkways and traffic aisles.

Permanent and temporary car park marking
Reflective paint surfacing for safety
Car park resurfacing and captive shot-blasting
Oil resistant paint
Nationwide service throughout the UK

Can you carry out multi-storey car park construction?

Yes. No project is too big for us. Our team has the knowledge and skills to build sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing, and safe car parks that suit client requirements.

How long do we have to wait before letting anyone walk or drive in the newly installed car park?

It depends on the traffic. We recommend waiting for at least 48 hours for vehicular and heavy traffic to ensure that the surface is already cured. As for pedestrian traffic, we recommend a 16-24 hours waiting time.

Is there any specialised care and maintenance requirement for a resin-bound car park system?

A quick pressure wash from time to time is all that is needed to keep the resin-bound surface looking good and new.

Why choose Optimum Flooring Services?

Simply because we are one of the most experienced companies available for the job. Our wealth of experience and knowledge guarantee an exceptional level of service you can’t find elsewhere.