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Practical Reasons to Use Epoxy Flooring

If you are looking for a highly durable and cost-effective flooring solution for your business, epoxy flooring would be a perfect choice. Epoxy flooring is among the most widely used flooring in commercial and industrial spaces these days. Like other business owners, you can also benefit from using epoxy flooring for your commercial space.

Below are some of the reasons why epoxy flooring is the most ideal and practical type of flooring for commercial properties.

It is affordable and does not require expensive regular maintenance

Aside from the fact the epoxy flooring is cheaper than other types of flooring, it is also the easiest to clean. Its smooth surface makes dust and dirt so easy to remove. Since the material is highly durable, you can use detergent and hot water, and a few brushes to scrub stubborn dirt and stains away. No need to spend money on specialist cleaning agents and treatments.

It is long-lasting

Depending on the amount of traffic and wear and tear, Epoxy flooring normally lasts for more than 10 years. This makes it more cost-effective when compared to other cheaper flooring materials which lifespan is only half of the epoxy flooring.

It is resistant to damage

Since the epoxy flooring is smooth without joints or cracks, the surface is protected against dirt and stains that can eventually damage the flooring. Epoxy flooring also has a waterproofing ability so water can’t permeate through the surface and cause damage. It is also resistant to heat, chemicals, impacts, and heavy weight, making it a perfect choice for areas where there is heavy traffic, such as car parks, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more.

It is cost-effective to repair

Another reason to choose epoxy flooring is that you don’t have to remove and reinstall the entire floor to fix a cracked or damaged spot. No matter how small or large the part that needs repair, you can have it fixed quickly and achieve the same seamless finish as if the flooring has just been installed.

You can go on your regular working routine even when it is being fixed

Aside from the costly repairs, one of the disadvantages of floor repair is that the businesses have to halt for a while until the repair is done. This is not only costly but can also make you lose profit. But since epoxy flooring is very quick to install, there is only minimal downtime on your business. You can also schedule the repair on a weekend or overnight, and go back to your business as usual in the next working day.

Optimum Flooring Services can provide you high-quality and time-efficient flooring solutions to your business. We are an epoxy flooring specialist that provides bespoke services for different types and sizes of commercial and industrial properties.

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What Makes Resin Flooring the Best Choice For your Showroom

Stains, mildew, and abrasion are just three of the most common problems commercial floors, such as in shops and showrooms, encounter. Since the floor undergoes heavy traffic almost every year, it has to be tough and resilient while attractive and easy to maintain at the same time. This is important if you want to keep a good impression on clients. That is the reason why most business owners choose to have resin flooring installed in their properties.

But what makes resin flooring the best choice? Check out the reasons below.

Effortless cleaning

Resin is one of the flooring materials that are easiest to clean. You can clean it with just soapy water. You can also do steam cleaning, depending on your preference. It can also withstand disinfectants and other cleaning chemicals.

The resin flooring’s surface is so smooth that you can not find cracks or joints. Because of this, it is much easier to keep your floor cleaned and spotless, thus giving you peace of mind.


In this pandemic-stricken world, hygiene should always be a top priority. With resin flooring, it is easier to achieve cleanliness regularly because it is easily cleaned with antibacterial materials. The resin’s high level of safety and hygiene provides peace of mind.

Quick Installation process

The resin flooring comes in a liquid form and is directly applied to the flooring surface. Its quick installation process makes resin flooring the best choice for those who are on a tight schedule.

Resin flooring specialists can carry out installation work overnight, and your building will be ready to use the following morning.

Optimum Flooring Services

Optimum Flooring Services is a team of resin flooring specialists who guarantee quick and reliable services to any size of flooring project.

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Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring in Food Factories

With the large preparation scale in food factories, mess, drips, and platters are pretty normal. This is the reason why a high standard of health and safety has to be followed. The flooring material is a huge part of keeping the whole factory and the food preparation process safe, thus business owners must choose a flooring that is hygienic, and chemical and bacteria resistant.

Food safe flooring comes in various ranges of hygienic properties and standards. If the flooring in a food preparation property achieves these standards, this guarantees products that are healthy and safe to consume.

One of the most popular flooring materials used in industries these days is resin flooring. It has continued to grow more popular in recent years, with business owners taking note of its benefits. But what exactly are the benefits of resin flooring that make it the best choice for food factories?

It protects property from bacteria

One of the biggest challenges in food manufacturing plants is bacteria. Since organic materials release bacteria, food can be quickly contaminated, causing a hazard to the consumers and the business.

With a resin flooring system, an impervious seal is formed which prevents bacteria from penetrating the floor. The antimicrobial properties in resin flooring are also another form of protection. In addition, since resin floorings are durable, it reduces the risk of cracking and abrasions where bacteria can reside and is difficult to clean.

It is chemical resistant

Powerful cleaning chemicals are of great importance in food factories. If your flooring is weak, the corrosive properties in these cleaning products can easily erode and damage the flooring. In other cases, the chemicals can eat into the flooring surface and create hotbeds for bacteria.

Since resin flooring is an extremely hard and durable material, it also contains high chemical resistance that can keep flooring safe and hygienic for a very long time.

It prevents slips

Accidents can cause a lot of problems in a food factory. For the business and employees’ welfare, accidents must be prevented, and choosing the right flooring material is one of the best ways to do it.

Resin flooring is well-known for its anti-slip property preventing accidents in food factories and other large manufacturing facilities.

Needless to say, resin flooring is one of, if not the best material to use for food factories. It can guarantee the safety of your employees, entire business production, and the consumers.

Concrete Floor Patch Repair

Fast track concrete patch repairs

We carry out concrete patch repairs quickly, with minimal mess and disruption, within your timescales and scheduled to suit your time windows. Patch repairs can be carried out at weekends and at night if required to suit your production/workflow requirements. Repairs can also be carried out in sequence, e.g. one isle or bay in one visit then the next area in the next visit etc, to minimise the impact to operations. Timescales, budget, type and amount of traffic, substances in contact with the floor and many other factors have a bearing on which repair materials to select. We can carry out the repairs in a wide range of epoxy resin and fast-cure cement-based mortars that will be selected to best suit the parameters of your job. We also carry out works with materials specified by others, for example you might already have a materials specification from an architect, engineer, building surveyor or facilities manager in which case we can work to their specification. You may have a very small window of opportunity to carry out the works and the faster setting the material the better. Some concrete repair mortars can accept traffic less than an hour after being laid. Or you may have an area heavily trafficked by forklifts, HGVs and heavy vibrating equipment requiring the heaviest duty epoxy resin mortar repair to protect against future impacts and abrasion.

Preventing damage to forklifts, equipment and employees

Even small areas of damage, unlevel or uneven patches, broken floor joints, cracks, potholes and bumps in the floor can cause damage to expensive equipment such as forklifts or create a trip or slip hazard to employees.

Preparation is everything

Not only in terms of scheduling and planning the works, but also preparing the surfaces prior to carrying out the repair to ensure a long lasting, hard wearing finish. It is imperative that all defective materials are removed before making the repair, in some instances it might be necessary to saw-cut around the damage and excavate deeper than you might expect to make sure the best possible repair is carried out. We use professional mechanical abrasion tools to remove all defective material and provide a suitable key for the repair materials. Dust will be kept to a minimum using an industrial vacuum / dust extractor (on tool dust extraction?).  It is vital that the right primers are used for the repair, primers can aid adhesion and long-term performance, but different primers can also supress moisture, stop contamination and loss of adhesion from oils, aid adhesion to metals and such like.
concrete floor repair

concrete floor repair

Getting a Professional Finish

We will carry out the repair quickly with minimal mess and disruption. Our experienced staff provide a professionally finished repair every time.

Patch repairs to hygienic resin screeds in food factories

We carry out fast neat repairs to damaged resin screeds on factory floors, widely used in the food industry. The repairs will be completed in a material as close in appearance and performance to the existing floor screed as possible to create a heavy duty, impervious / waterproof finish that will not support the growth of pathogens.

Types of areas we carry out high strength concrete repairs to

We can out repairs to a wide variety of premises including concrete floors generally, factory floors, loading bays, warehouse floors, production areas, workshops, shops, restaurants, commercial kitchens, car showrooms, multi-storey carparks, bakeries, breweries, abattoirs, chemical plants, and many others.

Concrete Patch Repairs Next Step

For more information on concrete patch repairs, to arrange a site visit or request a quote please contact us at or call us on 01782865099    

Use Industrial Resin Flooring for a Hazard-Free Environment

Slips and trips are two leading causes of accidents in a workplace. To prevent this from happening, it is crucial to have safety protocols that everyone must follow. Since most of these accidents are due to problematic flooring, you can significantly reduce workplace injuries by having slip-resistant flooring installed at your premises.

Floor Sleep Resistance

The HSE (Health & Safety Executives) tests and measures the flooring materials’ slip-resistance, from R-0 to R-13, with R-13 being the most slippery. The R-level requirements depend on various variables, such as the flooring’s water and chemical exposure.

Suppose your flooring has a high level of exposure to contaminants. In that case, you will need a higher R-rating to prevent accidents from happening.

How to make your floor slip-resistant

Modifying your property’s existing flooring might be necessary to achieve a high level of slip resistance. The goal is to make floors slightly coarser for shoes to grip even when there are contaminants. This can be achieved by installing special coatings, floor coatings, and other slip-resistant floorings.

Resin Floor Screeds

Resin screeds is a popular flooring choice for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other similar areas with low liquid or chemical contamination risk. It is a mixture of resin and graded aggregates that make floors slip-resistant, lasting for seven to twelve years.

Multi-Layer Resin Floor

Another excellent idea for slip-resistant flooring is getting a multi-layer resin installed. This type of flooring is mostly found in buildings or areas where food hygiene rating is a requirement, such as kitchens, food processing plants, and more. The flooring’s easy to clean quality is perfect for any industrial property.

Heavy-Duty Screed Flooring

The heavy-duty screed is one of the toughest flooring materials you can install in industrial property. It uses the toughest aggregates for flooring systems that can last for over 12 years. This type of flooring is commonly used in distribution centres, pharmaceuticals, food and drink manufacturing plants, and other similar areas.

Resin Paints and Coatings

This slip-resistant material can be installed directly as flooring or as a coat on top of the old flooring. It creates a textured, slip-resistant surface and can be installed in a wide range of industrial areas, including warehouses, kitchens, and manufacturing plants.

Optimum Flooring Services

Contact Optimum Flooring Services if you are looking for resin flooring specialists to handle your project. We are a team of highly skilled flooring contractors who are knowledgeable in the installation, repair, and maintenance of resin flooring for all sizes of industrial and commercial properties.

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