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How To Prevent Workplace Slip Injuries 

Slips and trips are among the most common injuries that occur in workplaces in the UK. It is nearly a third of all injuries and 28% of fatalities in the workplace in the UK. 

Although slip and trip hazards can be found in most work environments, certain areas are at a higher risk. Industrial buildings like factories and warehouses where liquid spillages and slippery floors are common are well-known for these types of injuries.  

Health Risks of Slippery Floors 

Fractures and dislocated joints, and broken bones are just three of the most common results of slip injuries. Sprains, cuts, and hand injuries may also occur. These accidents will not only affect productivity but can also incur unexpected expenses. 

Intending to prevent slip injuries from happening in workplaces, the government imposes the Health and Safety at Work Act as well as the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations to help and regulate businesses into making their workplaces safe and have a lower risk of accidents.  

These acts prioritise the importance of slip injury prevention and risk assessment. And one of the best and easiest ways to achieve that is by investing in a safe flooring system. 

Anti-Slip Flooring Benefits 

There are several anti-slip flooring systems available in the market. But among them all, resin flooring takes the top spot as the most advantageous. 

Resin flooring systems are made of synthetic resins that are strategically mixed and developed to reduce slippage in specific environments. From light to heavy-duty environments, there are flooring resins to match their needs. 

In some areas where further reduction to slippage is necessary such as in wet floors, resin flooring can be with added aggregates to make it more slip-resistant. Other varieties include solvent or water-based resins. As for food-safe environments, there are also solvent-free resins. 

Optimum Flooring Services 

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Practical Reasons to Use Epoxy Flooring

If you are looking for a highly durable and cost-effective flooring solution for your business, epoxy flooring would be a perfect choice. Epoxy flooring is among the most widely used flooring in commercial and industrial spaces these days. Like other business owners, you can also benefit from using epoxy flooring for your commercial space.

Below are some of the reasons why epoxy flooring is the most ideal and practical type of flooring for commercial properties.

It is affordable and does not require expensive regular maintenance

Aside from the fact the epoxy flooring is cheaper than other types of flooring, it is also the easiest to clean. Its smooth surface makes dust and dirt so easy to remove. Since the material is highly durable, you can use detergent and hot water, and a few brushes to scrub stubborn dirt and stains away. No need to spend money on specialist cleaning agents and treatments.

It is long-lasting

Depending on the amount of traffic and wear and tear, Epoxy flooring normally lasts for more than 10 years. This makes it more cost-effective when compared to other cheaper flooring materials which lifespan is only half of the epoxy flooring.

It is resistant to damage

Since the epoxy flooring is smooth without joints or cracks, the surface is protected against dirt and stains that can eventually damage the flooring. Epoxy flooring also has a waterproofing ability so water can’t permeate through the surface and cause damage. It is also resistant to heat, chemicals, impacts, and heavy weight, making it a perfect choice for areas where there is heavy traffic, such as car parks, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more.

It is cost-effective to repair

Another reason to choose epoxy flooring is that you don’t have to remove and reinstall the entire floor to fix a cracked or damaged spot. No matter how small or large the part that needs repair, you can have it fixed quickly and achieve the same seamless finish as if the flooring has just been installed.

You can go on your regular working routine even when it is being fixed

Aside from the costly repairs, one of the disadvantages of floor repair is that the businesses have to halt for a while until the repair is done. This is not only costly but can also make you lose profit. But since epoxy flooring is very quick to install, there is only minimal downtime on your business. You can also schedule the repair on a weekend or overnight, and go back to your business as usual in the next working day.

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Drainage System?

An efficient drainage system is important for all types of properties, but more particularly in large commercial and industrial premises. Due to liquids and spillages, accidents such as slips, falls, and trips are common in these properties. A quality and efficient drainage system can prevent accidents from happening, and at the same time, can lower operational costs and expenses involved in repairs and maintenance works.

But how do you know if it is time for a drainage system upgrade? Watch out for these telltale signs.

Constant slip injuries

One of the warning signs you should look out for is the increased report of injuries in your workplace. Although this does not always mean a failing drainage system, it is also worth investigating. Check out if there is a pattern in the slips reported, and it might lead you to areas where the drainage system is found and failing.

Higher maintenance requirements

While all drainage systems require maintenance, it is normally done once or twice a year. So if you notice your property requiring corrective maintenance every few weeks, you should start checking if your drainage system might need a replacement or upgrade.

Stagnant water

Stagnant water is among the most obvious signs that there is something wrong with your drainage system. There could be a blockage, or worse, it is already failing and needs a replacement.

Mould and mildew build-up

Excess moisture and humidity in the space are among the primary sources of mould and mildew build-up. The excess moisture on the other hand might be caused by a faulty drainage system. If you notice the build-up of moisture in your property, call the experts to inspect your drainage system.

Musty odour

Damp odour is also an obvious sign of a problem in the drainage system. These odours are often a result of bacterial buildup and clogs in drainpipes. If you notice any pipe leaks or a musty odour in your property, inspect and address the issue before it escalates and cause huge damage to your building.

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Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring in Food Factories

With the large preparation scale in food factories, mess, drips, and platters are pretty normal. This is the reason why a high standard of health and safety has to be followed. The flooring material is a huge part of keeping the whole factory and the food preparation process safe, thus business owners must choose a flooring that is hygienic, and chemical and bacteria resistant.

Food safe flooring comes in various ranges of hygienic properties and standards. If the flooring in a food preparation property achieves these standards, this guarantees products that are healthy and safe to consume.

One of the most popular flooring materials used in industries these days is resin flooring. It has continued to grow more popular in recent years, with business owners taking note of its benefits. But what exactly are the benefits of resin flooring that make it the best choice for food factories?

It protects property from bacteria

One of the biggest challenges in food manufacturing plants is bacteria. Since organic materials release bacteria, food can be quickly contaminated, causing a hazard to the consumers and the business.

With a resin flooring system, an impervious seal is formed which prevents bacteria from penetrating the floor. The antimicrobial properties in resin flooring are also another form of protection. In addition, since resin floorings are durable, it reduces the risk of cracking and abrasions where bacteria can reside and is difficult to clean.

It is chemical resistant

Powerful cleaning chemicals are of great importance in food factories. If your flooring is weak, the corrosive properties in these cleaning products can easily erode and damage the flooring. In other cases, the chemicals can eat into the flooring surface and create hotbeds for bacteria.

Since resin flooring is an extremely hard and durable material, it also contains high chemical resistance that can keep flooring safe and hygienic for a very long time.

It prevents slips

Accidents can cause a lot of problems in a food factory. For the business and employees’ welfare, accidents must be prevented, and choosing the right flooring material is one of the best ways to do it.

Resin flooring is well-known for its anti-slip property preventing accidents in food factories and other large manufacturing facilities.

Needless to say, resin flooring is one of, if not the best material to use for food factories. It can guarantee the safety of your employees, entire business production, and the consumers.

Benefits of Safety Flooring for Your Property 

The flooring plays a huge role in creating a safe environment inside a property. Falls, slips, and trips are common in many establishments and facilities. But with the help of high-quality and safe flooring, these accidents can be prevented.  How do you get and maintain safe flooring for your property? First, let’s talk about what safety flooring means.  Safety Flooring  This is a combination of efficient materials that produce slip-resistant flooring in a property. This type of flooring is highly recommended for locations that continuously experience heavy foot traffic each day, such as commercial spaces, industrial buildings, and properties within the hospitality sector.  Benefits in Investing in Safety Flooring 
  1. Slip resistance 
Various types of safety floorings are covered in slip-resistant films, so the possibility of trips and falls within the property will be minimized. With a safety flooring, even properties that experience regular spillages or liquid traces, such as in restaurants and hospitals, can remain slip-free. 
  1. Ease of cleaning 
What makes safety flooring advantageous to other types of flooring is that they are easier to clean. They are designed and produced in a way that they don’t absorb liquid spillages. Since there is no absorption, it is much easier for the floor to be cleaned and remain hygienic. 
  1. Comfort 
Besides safety and ease of cleaning, another benefit of a safety flooring is the comfort it gives on the foot. There are no dips or bulges, so it is more comfortable to walk around the premises without the worry of slipping or falling.  All types of safety flooring are manufactured and installed in a very safe way. You will never find a lifted tile or curling corner in the entire floor space. 
  1. Colour options 
Most safety flooring systems, such as epoxy and resin, are available in a variety of colours and can be matched according to the company’s brand or logo. Depending on the type of industry or business you are in, you may also have a creative line marking added to your flooring system.  Optimum Flooring Services  Safety flooring systems can be installed quickly and efficiently by skilled and experienced contractors.  At Optimum Flooring, we offer quality and quick installation of safety flooring for all types and sizes of commercial and industrial properties.  Contact us today for enquiries.