Aerospace Factory Leicester

This shows our team on site surveying the floor in order to give the best recommendation to the client.

P.1 – Method/Preparation
We prepared the existing floor surface by mechanically grinding using an Innovatech grinding machine with a vacuum attachment to minimize dust. This remote controlled machine provides minimal load and no vibration for the operator while the grinding capacity of the number of square metres per hour increases dramatically.

P.1 – Method/Preparation was prepared by using a three-phase Innovatech

The existing surface had numerous layers of old paint, all of this needed to be removed by grinding so that we could achieve the desired finish to the clients satisfaction. Before grinding commenced our team cordoned off the area, this ensured that the floor avoids contamination, in addition to ensuring the safety of the passing workers.

P.2 – Application/Installation
Following the preparation, our team would then apply a two-pack epoxy primer for oil contaminated substrates by the use of roller and brush. Next we looked to apply Resdev Deckmaster HFS ID, a three-component polyurethane system which is designed for high friction surfaces, with the highest order of durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance to suit the clients needs.

P.3 – Result

This project was completed swiftly and to a high standard. The client wanted a good looking, durable floor with anti-slip properties and as always our team delivered. The Deckmaster HFS ID product data sheet confirms the wet and dry slip profiles as; Slip Resistance (BS 7976 slider #96) System ID: 79 (dry), 67 (wet)